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Working with SQLite in Windows Phone 8: a sqlite-net version for mobile

With a perfect timing, as soon as I’ve published my previous post about using the chsarp-sqlite engine in combination with sqlite-net, Peter Huene has released a porting of the famous library for Windows Phone 8. What does it mean? That, … Continue reading

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A workaround to use SQLite in a Windows Phone 8 application

Recently I’ve made a post where I’ve tried to explain better the SQL Lite support situation on Windows Phone 8. The core of the post was very simple: the SQLite engine is available for Windows Phone 8, but actually a … Continue reading

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How to support Windows Phone 8 devices in a Windows Phone 7 application

As I’ve already highlighted in another blog post, Windows Phone 8 has introduced many new features; plus, lot of things have been changed under the hood: Microsoft has abandoned the old kernel, based on Window Mobile’s core, to introduce a … Continue reading

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Windows Phone and SQL Lite: what’s the current situation?

The last week I spoke at a Italian conference in Microsoft Italy called Windows Phone Developer Day about sharing code between Windows Phone and Windows 8. One of the topics was data access and how to share code to interact … Continue reading

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How to deal with WebView and overlaying elements in Windows 8

The WebView control is very useful to display HTML pages and elements into a Windows Store application. For example, I use in my blog’s application to display the content of a post, formatted to be easily read on a tablet … Continue reading

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