A new adventure begins…

After a long time finally I’ve found the time (and the will) to start a new adventure in English!

Let me introduce you: my name is Matteo, I’m 28 years old, I’m happily married since 2009 and… I’m a developer. Specifically, I’m a mobile developer, with a strong passion for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

What about my professional life? After 5 years in a digital agency called Gaia, where I worked as a mobile and web developer, now I work in Funambol, in the Windows team that works on the Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms.

I’m into the community world since 2 years, when I opened, with the help of my friend Ugo, an Italian blog, where I’ve started to write posts about my experience with Windows Phone and Windows 8 development: technical articles, tutorials and so on.

After that, I’ve started also to work articles for other publishers, like Microsoft or ASPitalia and, meanwhile, I’ve started to give my contribute as a speaker to many official and communities conferences, like WhyMCA, WPC and Microsoft Community Tour.

My passion has been awarded by Microsoft with the MVP award, in 2011 in the Device Application Development category and in 2012 in the Windows Phone Development category.

I love to share my experience and knowledge with others and to help developers: for this reason, I’ve decided to start this new English blog, to expand my horizons and also (I hope) to improve my English skills. So, I hope you will enjoy to read my posts as much as I love to write them!

Before closing my first English post, I would like to thank my dear friend Ugo: like two years ago I’ve been able to start my blog adventure thanks to his support (both technical and moral), now the same is happening again. And, if you’re into web development or you’re just curious, don’t miss his blog: he has just started his English blog too and he’s one of the best professional out there in the web world. The address is http://override.tostring.it


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2 Responses to A new adventure begins…

  1. Ugo says:

    Hi Matteo,
    thx for the kind words and good luck for your adventure.
    I’m sure it will be great as ever!

  2. Hello Matteo,

    great blog design and the articles I read so far are really helpful. I’m looking forward for your future blog posts.


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