Microsoft MVP for the third year!

The 2012 has been a strange year. From outside, you could have told that it’s been a bad year: due to a serious health problem (that, luckily, now has been solved) I had to face 2 surgeries and to spend 8 months without being able to walk, since one foot was “out of order”. But, if I analyize everthing that happened in 2012, I can’t tell that it’s been a bad year: my family helped me a lot to go through my situation.

It’s been a great year also from the professional point of view: I’ve started a new job in Funambol, where I’m able to work with the technologies I love most; I’ve started to work on my first Italian book that should be ready in the next months; in October I’ve been nominated Nokia Developer Champion; I’ve started my worldwide experience by opening this blog. And by the way, luckily I’m a developer, so being not able to walk didn’t stop me to work or to continue supporting communities: it’s been an intense year, due to the release of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, and I had the chance to meet a lot of great people, to write a lot of articles and to speak at many conferences.

But, in the end, I can’t hide that the MVP award is one of the things I’m most proud of: not only because it gives me even more chances to express my passion about development and communities, but especially because I really consider it a big family. I met a lot of amazing people, not only from a professional point of view; some of them have become important friends to me.

This is why I’m so happy to announce that, for the third year, I’ve been renewed as MVP in the Windows Phone Development category. There are many people to thanks for this: first, my wife Angela, that always supports me even when I had to steal time from us to work on my activities; my great friend Ugo, which introduced me in this world for the first time and helped me (and he’s still helping) a lot to move my first steps; the Microsoft DPE department, especially Lorenzo, that often involved me in their activities; Alessandro Teglia, the best MVP lead in the world; and, in the end, Roberto and the DotNetLombardia friends, which believed in me since the first time and allowed me to move the first steps in the communities world.

And now? The 2013 seems to be very intense from the beginning: with the DotNetLombardia’s friends we’re organizing a big Windows Phone event for the end of January; in February I will attend to the MVP Summit in Seattle and, the week after, I will speak at Community Days, the biggest Italian community event.

With the hope that I’ll always be able to repay to the communities all the support and friendship they have always gifted to me.

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