Nokia Developer Champion

nokia developer champion

I don’t like to talk too much about my self, I prefer that the passion I put into the posts I write speaks for me (at least, this is what I hope!). But I’m so happy about this new award I’ve received that I would like to share it with everybody else and, especially, with the communities and the people I have the pleasure and the luck to cooperate with.

This award is gifted by Nokia and it’s called Nokia Developer Champion: its philosophy is similar to the Microsoft MVP program’s one, since it recognizes the effort spent to support people and communities about developing apps for Nokia devices (in my case, we’re talking about Windows Phone development). This is my profile page on the Nokia Developer Portal.

I would like to thank you everybody that made this possible and now… let’s continue my job and commitment about Windows Phone, hoping to be part of this amazing group for a long time Smile

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