Say hello to WP Dev Fusion!

For sure one of the best 2013 moments for me was the Windows Phone Week organization: born as a crazy idea from three friends, it quickly turned out into an international initiative that brought more than 20 events all around the world. Seeing the enthusiasm and the passion of all the Windows Phone developers out there was really great and insipiring.  All of us instantly understood that this couldn’t be a “one time experience”: we had to find a way to keep supporting all the Windows Phone developers to find great content and to meet each other and, at the same time, to grow and to learn from our mistakes.

So.. say hello to WP Dev Fusion! My MVP friend Peter Nowak, from Germany, had a great idea: Windows Phone Week was great, but what about all the people that weren’t able to join a local event? Why we don’t find a way to support and get in touch with everyone? So WP Dev Fusion was born, as the natural successor of the Windows Phone Week.

What is WP Dev Fusion? It’s a new community initiative, with the goal to continue the good work made with the Windows Phone Week and to expand it, so that we can reach developers from all around the world. WP Dev Fusion will continue to have a traditional offline soul: you will see, for sure, new events and initiative organized in various places all around the world with the WP Dev Fusion brand, thanks to Microsoft and Nokia support. But we will have also an online soul: other than just spreading the latest and most important news about Windows Phone development with our social channels, we’ll regularly organize virtual conferences, that can be followed online from the comfort of your home. This way, we’ll deliver the best content with the support of the best speakers directly to your home!

And which is the best way to launch a new community initiative? To organize a conference, of course! So let me introduce you to the first WP Dev Fusion virtual conference, that will be hosted on 22nd January 2013, starting from 6 PM (CET timezone): after a brief introduction, a group of Windows Phone Development MVPs will introduce you to many development topics, like maps, speech API, App Studio, etc. I’ll have the chance to speak too about local data access in Windows Phone applications. Like in a traditional conference, you’ll have the chance to ask questions and to give feedback. At the end of the day, we’ll host also a “Ask The Expert” session, so that you’ll be able to ask any question you may have about developing apps for Windows Phone.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the official website to register and to read the complete agenda: registration is needed to understand how many people will join and to prepare the needed infrastructure. You’ll be contacted with all the needed information to get access to the conference before 22nd January.

See you online!

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