Windows Phone Week: a global event for all the developers!


Everything started like a sort of dream: the Windows Phone Development MVP team is made by very passionate people (as like every other MVP group) and it regularly happen that we are involved in organizing or supporting local events about Windows Phone. Me and my Dutch friend Joost Van Schaik, some months ago, started to wonder if we can use our passion to create something “more global”, that could involve many countries around the world. The idea was great, but also complex to realize: money, logistic, promotion, agenda; there are a lot of things to manage when you want to create something like this, so we temporary suspended it, to wait for the right time. That time arrived thanks to our mutual Brazilian friend and MVP Rodolpho Marques, which relaunched our idea by proposing a common event in Italy, Netherlands and Brazil. A mail exchange between me, Joost, Rodolpho and our MVP referral in Microsoft and the idea became reality: thanks to Microsoft and Nokia, we had the support we need to turn the idea into a real event!

I’m happy to announce that the Windows Phone Week is now live, with an official website and an official Twitter account: between the end of September and the end of October, many countries around the world will host a full day event about Windows Phone development. As you can see in the official website, many other MVP friends have supported our idea, so the initial country list has been extended from 3 to 13!

Every country will have their own agenda and registration: some countries will host an hackaton, some countries will host a traditional conference, some other countries will host a mix of both. And I can assure you that there will be lot of fun and surprises! Please refer to the official website to find your nearest location and to see all the details about the day: if you’re from Italy, I will be more than happy to meet you at the Italian event, that will be hosted by Microsoft Italy in Milan on Monday 30th September.

If you’re a Windows Phone developer, spread the word and join us!

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2 Responses to Windows Phone Week: a global event for all the developers!

  1. Miguel Angel Santiago says:

    Hi Matteo,

    Let me congratulate for this proposal to put all WP developers together. I’m sure it will be a success.

    Last week I tried to register to Madrid’s event, but it seemed to be that the registration was not available yet. Today, I’ve tried again but I’m not sure if it is sold out.

    Can you confirm me if it is like that? It would be great to attend. Hope it is still possible…



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