New reduced price to become a Windows Phone developer

Very quick post to highlight a very important change for Windows Phone developers: as you know, development tools are completely free but, to publish applications on the Store, you have to pay an annual 99$ fee, which is required to cover all the costs needed to run the Store (certification process, reports, etc.). During the summer, Microsoft has launched a temporary promotion, that reduced the price to 19$. Now the promotion has ended but Microsoft, with a tweet posted by Windows Phone program manager Todd Brix, has announced that the 19$ reduction will be permanent. So, from now on, you’ll just have to pay 19$ to purchase a new subscription or to renew an already existing one. You don’t have anymore excuses to publish your Windows Phone apps! Smile

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  1. Aaron says:

    The content is awesome and worth; would say more than msdn site of microsoft. Its helpful all along the journey of development.
    Many Thanks for sharing with all

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